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Hello Everybody, Welcome to site on the topicFood is your medicine. I kindly request you to read and understand it completely and get benefitted. I will share as much as details as possible. We see that we can gain amazing results when we follow all the tips. There is a small technique which needs to be carried out in order to cure all diseases of our body. But we need to gain knowledge and understand the working of our human body. All internal diseases can be cured here and no tablets or medicine is required. No walking, dieting, exercise, yoga, nerotheraphy etc.etc.etc.etc. is required. We can gain amazing results if you understand the concepts completely. Read understand and gain knowledge and finally cross verify all the information given here. God is great.

Yes let's start!!!But before that i want to tell one thing.

Deep Sleep techinique solves all diseases of our human body

This is a deep sleep technique which cures all diseases in our body and can be given to our family/friends or any person and shared to people who have no hope of cure. Steps: Two persons are required: The diseased person and the person who gives the treatment. The person who gives the treatment should eat well, drink sufficient water and should be healthy before the treatment. The diseased person should go to the rest room before the treatment as he will be in deep sleep mode once the treatment starts.
1. The diseased person should lie down on the bed or mat.(Gud to keep head@south direction due to earth's magnetic field)
2. The person who gives the treatment should be present near to his head
3. And now treatment giving person should keep his ten fingers tip on the head of the diseased person
4. For every 5 mins, the position of his fingers should be changed. Its good to give the treatment for 4 Hours continuously.
5. we can keep the fingers tip on all places where ever there is hair and just keep on changing its position every 5 mins
6. We can see that the person will just sleep like anything within half an hours time
7. Even if the person is sleeping, keep keeping the fingers continuously and we could see that the person will be snoring and will be in deep sleep mode
8. The person giving treatment can have juice etc. while giving the treatment

This has really worked out well and even a normal healthy person can undergo this deep sleeping technique for a healthy life. Just try this out and it has really proven a great success for many.

This deep sleeping technique can be given to all peoples for a deep sleep. Its deep sleep that cures the disease in the body.

-------------------------Kindly understand things first and cross verify the information---------------------------------

What to do when there is sneezing or running nose:


Solution is to just sneeze the mucus out of your nose.

Remember our body will not send good things out and it will send only the bad things out.

Following could be used to heal running nose/cold

1. Small onion

2. Mutta gos (Cabbage)

3. Tulasi

4. Karpoora valli elai

5. Melagu. i.e. Pepper

What to do when there is vomit:

------------------------------- ----------

Vomit happens all of a sudden and it is a cleaning process of the body. The body sends out waste in

the form of vomit. It gets water from the body and secretes the required enzymes for vomit to take place.

What to do when there is loose motion:

-------------------------------------- ------------

Basically the loose motion is a wonderful cleaning of the large intestines. If you get loose motion then

we need to have water mixed with Pana Karupatti(Palm sugar) and drink it in plenty.

If you have this drink then we will get more energy and more loose motion will go.

Just continue going and at one stage it will stop and we will get plenty of urine and we can understand that the loose motion is being stopped.

Once it is stopped then have a glass of lemon water with salt added to it. This will stop the loose motion.

Remember loose motion is a cleaning process of our body and your body does things correctly.

What to do when having fever:

------------------------------- --------

When you have fever it means that the body is sending out waste by heating them and sending it out through air via our nose. When you get fever then the tongue taste will be bitter. which means it indicates not to have any food as fever process is happening now. But when you have bread or milk then the fever will decrease as energy of the body is spent on digesting them.

Just keep a white kerchief near the nose of a feverish person, we could see some stains in the kerchief.

Our body temperature is 37 Degreess or 98.4 Faherenheit. The body is knowledgeable and it will not just increase its temperature. It has increased its temperature so that waste goes out of the body.

So we have to lie down, take rest, and put pathu in the forehead: i.e keep a cloth dipped in water and strain it and keep it in the forehead so that the temperature of the brain does not increase. When the temperature in the brain increases then it causes fits. This alone needs to be taken care.

So we have to help our body and once the fever goes we would feel hungry and the taste of the tongue changes.

Some times when a person gets fever gets a deep thirst. Then it means that he is going to get loose motion in a couple of minutes. possibly after this we get hunger means the fever is finished.

Once fever is over, its good to have a Lemon juice.

Note: Doctors who put injection during Fever is nothing but activating the sweat gland of the child. It is a para-Analgesic. Once you get sweat then your fever goes off.

The next time when you get fever will be just bigger than this. And when you put injection it really means that we are suppressing the waste in our body.

Note: So

when we get Sneezing we took medicines Which gave raise to Running nose.

when we get running nose we took medicines which gave raise to cold/ any Lungs related disease

when we get cold we took medicines which gave raise to Loosemotion

when we get loosemotion we took medicines which gave raise to Fever

when we get Fever we took medicines when gave raise to skin problems

when we take medicines for skin, it will give raise to cancer.

So in all cases the medicines just suppress the problems and do not provide complete solutions to our problem

Pregnancy Tips

Following are the things that should be done by women for all disorders.
1. Women should take nadu ner eduthu thala seevanum. i.e( use centre head scalp and comb their hair). These centre line for a women has the necessary accupressure points to strengthen the uterus.
2. Massage the centre head point everyday, the uterus gets stronger. Previously in olden days we could see Father kissing their daughters at this point – These are the accupressure points to strengthen.
3. Women should not sit crossing their legs. This leads to all menstrual disorders.
4. Do not use toilets in East and West directions.(This is because the sun rays can enter the uterus causing menstrual disorders). North and south directions alone should be used in the toilets.
5. Husband and wife should take Pure and original Cow’s milk along with Banana before going to sleep. i.e Paalum palamum saaptaal romba nalladu.
6. Everyday 1 Original dates should be taken.
7. Everyday or frequently husband and wife should have cocounut milk in one glass without mixing with water. This is really a very good food.
8. Get Original Sesame oil(Nalla ennai or ellu ennai in Tamil) and take two teaspoons everyday for oil pulling
9. Lastly the mind should be clear and happy.
10. These are the so called Old Grand mother’s treatment for all menstrual/infertility disorders.

What to do when we have RA - Rheumatoid Arthritis(Joint pain:)


If a person has got RA then it means that he could have got someother ailment/disease in his body previously

There are three things namely Helper, Killer, supressor and memory.

Helper - is nothing but a mucus. When a germ enters our body then it will be covered by the mucus

Killer - Killer is the medicine created by our body to kill the virus

supressor - is the medicine created by our body to kill the killer

memory - is the record of the virus and medicine supplied and what ever happenned to be written in some memory location of the body. so that in the future if it comes again the body knows how to kill this virus.

For people with RA, it means that the supressor medicine is not provided and so the killer keeps on shooting and it stays at the joints of hands and legs causing pain.

So when the suppressor medicine is provided to the body then the killer would be destroyed.

Basically the killer came to do good to our body and later on it stayed in our body and we could not kill them causing pain.

For RA People when you put the injection you feel little relieved as the suppressor medicine is provided by this injection.

Do exercise, Take Oil Bath once a weeek, Eat carrot and other fresh Veg. and fruits.

-------------------CLEANING TECHNIQUES-------------------------------------

Baedi saapdanum: Cleaning of body

---------------- --------

Once in every 3 months we have to clean our large intestine.

we can eat in the morning any of the below

1. Kadukai podi

2. Nila avarai podi

3. Thripula podi

4. Vilak ennai

we should not drink cold water and drink only luke warm water.

These things will induce loose motion and will clean the stomach and large intestine.

Note: From the mouth to the anus when all waste is removed then a person would be always healthy.

Nose Cleaning:

-------------- ------

For problems in lungs and skin we have to clean the nose everyday

Eye cleaning:

-------------- ---

Normal tap water has energy; so if we clean our eyes with the normal water then our Liver works best and

it is as though we clean the Liver.

Mouth cleaning:

---------------- -----

Use any naturally made oil like Nalla ennai(sesame oil), have a teaspoon full keep it in the mouth for 4 mins

and split out. Remember not to split on plants as it would die. It's one of the greatest cleaning techniques.

Water Fasting:

--------------- ----

we should decide 1 day before that tomorrow i will take only natural tap water. When ever you feel hungry have water and it is called water fasting. Water fasting is very powerful. Cleanses out all impurities of our body. 1 day we can do this. Alternatively we can go for coconut milk fasting etc.

For ex: the muslims fast during 1 full month and it is a great purification

some people eat only fruits during sabath day. These are some fasting for purification of our soul and body.

Sun Gazing:

----------- ----

After the sun has raisen and before 1 hour: just see it for 10 secs.

Before the sunset around 1 hour before: just see it for 10 secs.

We get great energy from sun.

other cleaning techniques like vaala elai kuliyal, puthu man kuliyal. etc

-------------------CLEANING TECHNIQUES END-------------------------------------

Natural Juice Preparation :

Take karuvapallai, thenga, karupatti, elakkai and grind them and have a wonderful juice.

For Eye related problems:(Liver, Jaundice, Eye, pithapai)

------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Keera nalli podi or chadi use pannalaam

wash the eye

Eat carrot everyday

Ahochari muthram(i.e. to see the centre part of the nose with out straining for 1-2 mins everyday) would help us to adjust the focal length of our eye and makes the power normal and we can even remove the glass.

i.e To Remove glasses and see the nose.

Pitha pai kal karaiya. i.e. Stone in Gal bladder

---------------------- -----

Eat 1 apple everyday with out its skin

People who have Fits, BP , Vericose vain

------------------------ ----

Ennai vaichi vai kopilikanum. i.e. Gorgle with oil everyday after getting up The nerves in the body are weak for people with Fits and for people with BP they either have less nutrients in their body(For high BP) or their blood is impure(For low BP) or salt intake is very less.



Enna thechi kulikanum. i.e. Take oil bath once a week.

Stand in sun; i.e. take sun bath.

Eat carrot

Take original milk

We can see that Sodium, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium are controlled in our body by Thyroid.

For Ex: If there is calcium deficiency in our body, then Thyroid brakes the bones where there is calcium and

put it in the blood stream of our body. This is called bone breakage or para-thyroid.

Lets understand what is Fat.



LDL - Low density lipo protein

HDL - High density lipo protein

Fat is available in Pure cooking oils and other food items.

Avoid Refined Cooking oils available in the market as they mix parafin in the oil which is a slow poison for the body.

When the Food we eat is digested properly it will yield only HDL. Only improperly digested food yeilds LDL.

So where this LDL goes, it creates stone at that place. Ex: Galbladder, kidney, urinary track etc.

Note: If you want to understand the side effects of all medicines then check CIMS website.

Bathing style:

---- --------------

If its hot water then put it first on toe, leg , knee and come to head

If its cold water then it should come from head to toe.

Teeth care:

-- ------------

Brush at the night time only. Use your fingers to clean them as posssible as it will not damage the gums.

Avoid any toothpastes and use Neem stick or meswalk stick and just take in your mouth and extract the juice from it.

Once the neem extract is taken in the mouth, brush with your hands and not with the neem stick as it may

damage the gums.

Note: Take 2 teaspoons of original coconut oil and gargle in the mouth for 10 mins and let the oil penetrate deep into the roots of the teeth and this is one of the immediate cure for teeth pain and it is a very good cleaning technique. Remember the reason for any teeth problem is due to lack of required nutrition in the blood. Do not go for Root canel treatment etc. as the nerves will be cut off and this is not the perfect solution for the teeth problems.

How to get treatment for Ulcer:


Try to have alkaline foods like coconut milk in your food habits

Do water fasting

Daily having pure coconut milk solves many problems for mankind

Water Containers:


Use sand pot and use Thetan Kottai in it

use fish tank bubbler in water containers to get more air energy

Use copper vessel to kill any bacteria in 4 hours.

Do this exercise:

1. Take water in sand pot, put fish tank bubbler so that more air/oxygen is put inside water and this water when drunken would be healthy.

2. Take sand pot and put 1 litre of water. Heat it in slow flame till the water content becomes half.

Finally, cool down and drink this water. We get water and sand energy by drinking this water.

3. Take 2 litres of water in sand pot first. Clean and Put 2 coins of silver, copper, Gold and iron.

Use low flame and heat it for sometime till the water content reduces. Once the water content reduces to half or more. Remove the coins; cool down and bottle it and drink everyday.

This is called charged water and ensures good health to our body

4. Find an open place in your home where the sky is visible completely. Get a Big copper vessel or Brass vessel etc. but plastic should not be used. Pour water in this in the evening time after sunset.

Keep this container in open space where the sky is visible; next day morning and 1 hour before the sunrise take bath from this water. We get energy from space over this water in the night. This is Ozone bathing.

When the sun comes then the energy accumulated in this water will depreciate.

Kidney stone


Speaking too much

Sitting in AC for hours

No proper air circulation

Usage of mosquito repellents

Too much/less of water or salt intakes

Fear in mind

Valathandu saapidalaam and also this should not be consumed frequently

Memory capacity:


There is nothing called memory capacity in this world.

What you like that stays in the memory and it gets recorded.

If you dont like then that thing will not be recorded.

Vallarai keerai is the memory capacity medicine.



Uppu kallu othanam

paruthi thuni, nalla ennai, irumbu, sudu, uppu

Velak ennai, vepanna, manjal

Heat with little oil in Dosa cup first.

Take Crystal salt in a White cloth then.

Dip the white cloth with salt inside over the dosa cup. Heat it gently and apply it on the

skin of the body which has pain. Ex: Pain in hands, legs, joints, knee, backache etc.

Note: Please ensure that you are able to bear the heat of the white cloth and this not be excessively kept.

For all skin diseases do the following: (Skin, TB, Pneumonia, Malachikkal(tight stomach))


Talk less, people with skin disease will definitely be talkative.

Eat small onion, Tulsi, Karpooravalli, Thoothuvalla, Melagu(Pepper) in your foods.

For any skin disease don't use soap and use Raw Rice flour or a herbal soap or a natural hand made soap or a bio-soap etc. All the soaps available in the market is of commercial 2nd grade and they remove the Fat/oil in the skin causing more problems.

Take puthu man kuliyal

Increase weight

--------------- ----

Thenga and palam will increase weight

Brown net i.e. verkadalai thanni la oora vachitu saapidalaam- pitham kuraiyum

but if you eat raw then i.e. Pachaiya saaptal pitham yerum

Kidney failure:

---- ---------------

Do not stop the dialysis immediately

K1 point - 50 times message pannanum

Sundu varal pudichu massage pannanum

Kaal sundu varal kalivu neekam panuradhu, menses, urine etc will go correctly

Kidney stone:


Take half a kg of beans, cut it small and remove the seeds.

Take 2 litres of water, 2 hours heat all of them in slow flame

After that put it in mixie and grind and mix them and make a watery food.

Drink them completely.

Then after sometime drink 3 litres of water.

We can see that in the urine the stone will come out.

Occasionally we can do this treatment to remove any stones in kidney.

For people who live with mosquito coils, and other mosquito repellents, people who sleep with no air all

get stones in kidney.

Kaal la aani


Vepanna, velakkanna and manjal use them as a paste on the affected leg.

Urine in Bed:


Take salt water bath.

Use a Neem leaves or peacock leaves and wipe it over the child

Urine in bed is due to fear.

can we remove Appendix:

---------- -----------------------

Appendix is an organ which is responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of our body. People who have removed their appendix would find it difficult to climb mountains or steps in home.

Use natural way of squatting. The appendix is like a system reboot of our body which i will share more details later



The sweat is the purest form of water.



Remember it is a poison.


---- ------

We have 3 hearts: one is the heart and other 2 things are calf muscle.


---------- -----

Our heart measures the happiness as same. i.e. if you get lots of money you get one happiness.

if you drive your favourite car you get happiness

if you cook yourself you get happiness.

If you see, the happiness measured by our body and mind is just the same in all cases. The metrics for measureing happiness is just the same all over.

happiness is same even for 1 min or the thing which we get after 15 years.

Basically every one should live their life and should not live others life.

If you live others life na then they will die.


Every child born in this world is been vaccinated, usually before the seventh day. What this vaccine is all about:!! We can see that this vaccination is nothing but sending a virus via injection to the new born baby. Virus. Yes its injecting a virus to the blood stream of a person. Now lets analyse as what will happen when ever a vaccination is carried out.

When someone puts chicken pox vaccination or measles vaccination etc. , that person never gets that disease in his life time. This is the reality. Let analyse as how come this works.

Point to be noted: Kindly avoid vaccinations, as in many countries vaccination is dangerous and it leads to infertility of the child and other multiple disorders.

But remember if you have put then do not fear as God Almighty in his divine wisdom will help mankind. It's all the human actions which errors but the human body is a creation from God and it is perfect!!!

Basically the vaccination is an manmade entity and it is just not required for human beings. The doctors syllabus is prepared in such a way to recommend vaccination. Even they are also humanbeings and they project this to their own childrens as the recommendation is that vaccine brings forth good. It is just business of making money and bringing in population control of the world and nothing else.

All internal organs of our body are knowledgeable and they will not do anything wrong. If we analyse when ever a foreign substance comes into our body, our internal organs analyses and the doctors of our body, i.e. the Liver, spleen, RBC,WBC, cells, lungs, kidney, small intestine, heart etc analyse the germ/virus and they first write a formula to destroy this virus. For example if you want to make Vegetable rice you first get all the ingredients from the kitchen and then prepare the food, similarily our body creates the medicine by taking all the contents from the blood and finally destroy the virus. This formula and the virus details are stored somewhere in the body. So after vaccination the child gets a light fever after which things get normal. So in the future when ever this chicken pox virus enters his body, the internal doctors of his body knows about this virus and they would have seen it already and so it is easier to prepare the medicine to kill this virus. So this chicken pox vaccinated person never gets chicken pox in his life. This is how vaccination works.

So without supplying any external medicine our body can cure any disease which is caused by VIRUS.

Note: So all diseases which are caused by Viruses can be cured. This is true.

So on what basis this new born is supplied with a virus into his blood stream.!!! In general all diseases in our body are caused by 4 things and they can be grouped as follows:

1. Blood should be present in adequate quantity in our body

2. All nutrients should be available in the blood

3. The nutrients should be Good and not bad (for ex. bad calcium in the body)

4. The blood should be knowledgeable. i.e. For Ex. like: The White blood cells should have the knowledge to replenish every 120 days. And this number is stored somewhere in memory and this should not be corrupt.

If these 4 points are achieved in our body then all our diseases will be cured. This will be discussed later as how to achieve them. The reason for all the diseases in this world is because our blood, air and water is polluted.

So on what basis do we send a virus to a blood stream of a new born. All the 4 points mentioned above were available in a new born and this is not available for a person now, that's how we should think and approach.

Mother giving birth to a child

Let's say that a mother gave birth to 3 children's, So we can say that this mother has manufactured 3 hearts, 3 Livers, 6 kidneys etc. etc. with God's grace. So when this mother is able to produce 3 hearts and during here old age when there is a hole in the heart of the mother we go for a doctor. When she is able to create 3 hearts why can't the hole in her heart be cured by itself. We should think what the mother had at that time of giving birth and what she does not have now in her body. If this can be bridged then automatically the hole in her heart would be cured.

In 10 months course of pregnancy the heart, eyes, ears of the child are created. The mother does not have knowledge to create all these organs. We would see that all the designs are being done by the mother's blood and by its internal organs. It takes the required nutrients from the blood and the internal organs of her body create the required organs of the child.

There is something called Good Calcium or Bad Calcium in our body. But we have only machines to test the total calcium in our body and not Good calcium or bad calcium.

If a specific content is not available or if we have Bad nutrient present then there is a possibility of getting a disabled child. Some children's would have 6 fingers etc. this is because the knowledge of the blood is corrupted. In order to create 5 fingers for the baby it created 6.

During pregnancy sour taste(pulipu) is required for the pregnant women and it is mandatory to eat Mangoes and Tamarind as the Liver works too much to create all the internal organs. Liver works for the sour taste. It's amazing to see that many people before and after pregnancy will not like this taste, but during pregnancy they love this taste.

So when all the nutrients are present in the pregnant women then this goes to the child as well and of surety only a normal delivery will happen. Caesarian will occur when there is a deficiency of nutrients in the body. So pregnant women should eat whatever she likes and have great nutrition through her food and should not depend only on the iron/vitamin tablets given by the doctor. We should try to get all these contents via our food itself.

Blood Pressure:

Imagine the blood to be the Train and all the Organs to be as railway station. The train starts from the Heart and it is said that in 1 min moves to all the organs of our body and return back. Here in the heart a parameter called pressure is introduced. Heart is the mother of all the cells.

Blood pressure is not at all a disease. In today's world we coin High BP and Low BP as a disease. But if you analyse we can see that its normal to have a High BP or a Low BP and our body would take care of it and we don't have to worry. Suppose if a dog is chasing a person, the person runs and if we check his BP it would be High. After some time this High BP would come to a normal one and if this person then starts to sit and meditate then his BP would be normal or may go down and it will become Low. Hence the heart does not increase or decrease the pressure of its own. There is a need or requirement for any of the cells and hence the blood pressure is increased or decreased.

Note: To have a normal BP is not a rule.

So if someone is certified by a doctor as a High BP or a Low BP first we have to analyse as what is the reason for this high or low BP. The heart is knowledgeable and of its own just does not increase.


Suppose consider this example as there is a tailor and he keeps on stitching clothes and after some time his cells inside his knee are worn out and it requires replenishment of the cells now. Suppose the cells require some nutrient for it to replenish, then this cell would instruct the Heart to pump more blood to this part so that the required nutrient would be taken from the blood. But unfortunately when this nutrient is not present in the body then this cell would keep on ask the heart to pump more blood to this part causing a High Blood pressure.


when there are more impurities in our blood and this is not removed frequently. This can give raise to Low Blood pressure. Kidney is responsible for removing the impurities in the blood. When you find someone with a low BP, just keep a pinch of salt in their taste buds and it would be alright. This is true. unless and until a person eats salt, his kidney would not function efficiently.

Now let's see what happens when a medicine for BP is being taken. we can see that a high BP guy takes a tablet and he feels comforted. The tablet he takes is like a rowdy and it instructs the heart to be normal and not to have a high pressure. Similarily the Low BP person takes a medicine and this medicine instructs the heart to pump faster. Medicines can be taken at times of emergency and taking medicines for BP for years and all is not at all medication.

Taking medicines for BP is something like a providing Biscuit to a barking dog. we should understand why the dog shouted and take necessary actions instead of giving biscuit every time.

Note: If a person keeps on taking tablets for BP continuously for years, 75 % of the people will get Brain related disease. i.e. Pakka Vaadam in Tamil. i.e. his one leg and one arm will go disabled. Then People will go to a physiotherapist but we can't see any cure in this.


our lungs are so powerful that we can see so much of telephonic signals and other gases in the air, but they filter Oxygen and put it in our blood. Co2 is exhausted out by our body and sent out. Lungs supply oxygen to all of our cells.


The function of kidney is it sees all the urea and wastes in the blood and filters out to the urinary bladder. It also filter all water wastes in the body. Just catch pure Rain water and store it in dark containers where there is no sunlight. Drinking rain water helps to cure kidney related diseases. When sunlight is put on the rain water then micro organisms come in.

Food Digestion:

The food we eat is digested 20 % in the mouth, 40 % in the stomach and the remaining 40% in the small intestine. The end product or the output is Sugar, Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats. This sugar and other nutrients is then taken up by the Liver and put up in the blood stream.


we eat idly, vada, bonda, Pizza, Burger, Chocolates etc and it gets digested and finally Glucose is produced. The words Glucose, Fructose, Starch and sugar are just one and the same and hence from now on wards we shall use the word sugar. so sugar is formed once all our food gets digested. This sugar is of 2 types, Good sugar and the bad sugar. We have instruments in this world to test only the total sugar and not to see how much good sugar or how much bad sugar. So this sugar is being taken up by the Liver and put in the blood. So the blood sugar now will be high for some time in our body.

Please note that we live because of sugar. It is the life giving force and without which we can't live. Now all the organs of our body require sugar for their functioning. Suppose I start to lift my hand and start to rotate then my hand will instruct the heart to send more blood to my hand so that it will take the sugar from the blood and the cells in the hand will function.

Here the heart is considered as the mother of all our organs. whenever some organ requires to function it sends the signal to the heart to pump more blood to that organ. So the sugar is taken now and it is being used by the cells and the cell is designed in such a way that it will take and use only Good sugar.

Note: The cell never puts a sugar inside it without insulin. This insulin harmone is being secreted by Pancreas.

So the sugar now is being instructed to go to the PANCREAS and check whether it is good or not. Pancreas is an organ which is near to our stomach. The function of PANCREAS is to analyse this sugar molecule and secrete insulin harmone. Here one insulin is secreted for 1 Good sugar. If it's a BAD Sugar then the PANCREAS will not secrete insulin. So now this Good sugar molecule along with the insulin is taken to the cell and it is being used up by the cell.

Note: Bad sugar is formed due to incomplete digestion of the food and Pancreas will not secrete insulin for a bad sugar.

Now lets analyse the concept Further and also understand high or low sugar:

For example a person eats properly and 500 sugar is formed and all are good sugar. So pancreas will secrete 500 insulins. The glucose or sugar required for this child today is only 200. so this 200 will be used by the body and the remaining 300 will be converted to Glycogen and stored in the muscle cells of our body. Now suppose the person is not eating properly and due to indigestion more bad sugar is being formed. 500 sugar is formed out of which 300 is good and 200 is bad. All these ex. are given just for understanding purpose alone.

BAD Sugar: Here no insulin will be secreted for this 200 bad sugar. This bad sugar will remain in the blood for some time and our kidney will see them and will catch them and break it and sent it to the urinary bladder. So when someone tests his urine for sugar at this time we see high sugar. But whatever waste comes out of our body is waste and it is not required to test them. Our body will not send good things as waste.

Today the sugar required for this person is 400. Then 300 will be taken from the food and the remaining 100 will be taken from Glycogen(which is the sugar already stored up previously). So the body is met with the required sugar for the day. Here also the 100 sugar taken from the Glycogen will go to the Pancreas to check whether it is good and insulin will be given to them. Just to say we can see that God in his divine wisdom has designed us in such a way that a Bad sugar should not enter our body.

Suppose the Glycogen present in this person's body is empty and the requirement for the body is 400, 300 was met from the food and there is a shortage of 100. This time this person will faint. we take him to a doctor and give him up with a Glucose bottle and a NaOH i guess which contains salt. The person feels comforted after giving him Glucose. The Doctor certifies this person as a high sugar or low sugar person. But naturally if the amount of sugar in the urine or blood is high he will be certified as High sugar patient and when the sugar in the urine or blood is low he gets a certificate of a low sugar patient.

Note: The sugar in the blood will be high for some time after which it will become low. The sugar before reaching the urinary bladder will be low in the urine and after reaching the urinary bladder will be called high in the urine. This is to make understand that the certification is based on time at which the blood sugar test was taken.

Effect of the Medicine for Sugar/Diabetics: we can see that the so called diabetic patient will take medicines before/after the food. This medicine is another big Rowdy. The medicine squeezes the Pancreas to secrete insulin for ALL the formed sugar. It even secretes insulin for all the bad as well as the good sugar. The person is certified as Malfunctioning of the Pancreas or the pancreas are not secreting insulin by the doctors. So this bad sugar which contains the insulin is taken up by the cell and the cells get diseased and start to decay. Yes it's no doubt that absolutely it's a great medicine but it should not be used for eternity.

People say as if you get Diabetics you get all disease, Yes its true as all Bad Sugar molecules are used by the body. If he sees TV then his eyes get spoiled and if he uses his leg then his leg starts to decay. At one point the pancreas itself will get damaged and the patient takes medicine via Injections. That part of the body gets spoiled which uses more blood or glucose. Since the legs lies at the bottom and more blood/glucose lies at the bottom; the leg gets spoiled easily for a sugar patient.


1. To eat medicines for sugar is to dig your own grave.

2. Sugar is not at all a disease and there is so much of medication for this.

3. Taking medication for sugar for decades and all is not accepted.


If the Calcium in our body is reduced or if there is No calcium present then we get some disease. Parathyroid or (bone breakage) disease occurs when there is no calcium available for a cell. There is a harmone called 120 DCC which shall go and break calcium from our bones and put it in the blood stream in order to meet the calcium requirement of our body.

Note: we can see a bone will be like an Iron when good calcium is getting deposited and this bone will be like a Sponge when a BAD Calcium gets deposited.

In order for the human body to absorb calcium effectively, we have to apply oil(coconut, sesame, Mustard or Olive or any good oil) in our hands, faces and legs and go and visit the sun. We get pro-vitamin D from the sun and it enters our body; and now if you eat carrot, green vegetables etc. the calcium gets absorbed easily in our body


There should be blood in our body and the level of blood content should not be low. It's amazing to see that blood is produced in our body by taking all the nutrients and constituents from the blood itself. The White blood cells(WBC) will be replenished every 13 days and the Red blood cells(RBC) will replenish every 120 days. This value of 13 and 120 is stored somewhere in memory in our body. when this knowledge is lost then we get blood cancer. i.e. instead of 120 days if it consider this as 200 days then the entire blood stream gets affected and it leads to blood cancer.

Note: Our body can produce blood which no scientist can make it. But we depend more on the tablets and syrups these scientists make. when someone is met with an accident we immediately give him blood in order to meet the requirement of his body at this point.

Five Natural Elements: Pancha Bootham:(neer, nerupu, Aahayam, kathu, mannu)
They are Air energy, Water energy, Soil energy, Space energy, Fire energy)

They all should be balanced correctly in our body and i would say that they are the environments and should be pure and in good for us to obtain sufficient energy from all these natural elements. From now onwards we shall move to the medicines part and the way to cure things. These 5 things should be available and balanced in our body for a healthy life. i.e

By Water -> we get neer sakthi. i.e Water energy

By Work -> we get nerupu sakthi. i.e Fire energy

By Sleep -> we get Aahayam sakthi. i.e Space energy

By Air -> we get Kathu sakthi. i.e Air energy

By Food -> we get Mannu sakthi. i.e Soil energy (As what ever we eat comes from the soil/sand)

So the water, work, sleep, air and food should be regulated in our body to cure all our internal diseases.

we shall discuss further later about this.


Taste is Energy. It is direct energy we get it and send it via our nerves to the body.

Note: Our Tongue is the best Doctor.

In the below table we can see the relation of the taste to the relation to the pancha bootham sakthi and the associated internal,external organ and the corresponding characteristics.


Type of Energy

Internal organ

External organ



Water energy

Kidney, Urinary bladder.



Kasappu/Thuvarpu i.e Bitter

Fire energy

Heart, Tripple warmer, Small intestine, pericardium.



Pulipu (Sour)

Space energy

Liver, Gall bladder



Kaaram (Spicy)

Air Energy

Lungs, Large Intestine


Sorrow (Dukkam)


Soil energy

Man Eeral(Spleen)

Lips, mouth


I am not sure of the tamil-english conversion of few of the words. If something is wrong pls ignore it.


If you eat salt then we are required to drink water and kidney/urinary bladder works well for this. The characteristic is fear. People who have fear usually urinate in their bed. It's amazing to see that the size of one's kidney and the size of his ears will be the same.

· The moment we eat pulipu(sour) i.e Tamarind etc. we see that the person will close his eyes. The characteristic is Anger(Kovam) and we see that people with anger have their eyes as red - Also related to stone in the gall bladder. It is said that the size of the Eye and the Liver is the same.

· So if we have Anger then the liver gets spoiled.

· If you eat something spicy, then our lungs and large intestine works. It is said that these people will be very speed. Also the shape of the nose and the lungs would be similar.

· Our stomach loves sweet and it is said that people with worries will not feel hungry.
So leave that person and once the person starts feeling hungry then this worry will go. :)

Here we are trying to build some understanding between and internal organs and the associated sakthi.

If a person does not eat salt, then his kidney will not work. As said earlier if the kidney does not work then the impurities get added in the blood and the blood gets thicker leading to a low Blood pressure.


POINT NUMBER 1: The food that has all the 6 tastes as mentioned above alone will be digested properly yielding good sugar.

The six tastes in Tamil are uppu, innipu, pulipu, kasappu, thuvarpu and kaaram. The food that we eat should contain all the six tastes so that all the corresponding internal organs work efficiently to deliver a Good glucose.

The food that has all the six tastes is Nellika(Amla). An Apple Amla a day keeps a doctor away.

Note: The food that has the more number of tastes is a good food.

kasappu, thuvarupu is found in Keerai (green leafy veg.)

Sweet is found in Thenga, carrot, honey, vellam, sapota, karupatti

Panam karuppati has enippu, thuvaruppu and kasappu.

Narthanga pickle has kasappu.

POINT NUMBER 2: Avoid white sugar and use vellam, karupatti, chini kelanga, honey, sugar cane juice etc.

Avoid white sugar(Aska Sugar) which is prepared in industries. This sugar is harmful for human beings as it contains synthetic and other manipulated chemicals. The original colour of the sugar is brown but they are made white. we go for white sugar as it is cheap. white sugar costs around 25-30 per kg, vellam costs around 42 per kg and karupatti costs more than 80 per kg.

People working in sugar industries will not eat this sugar at all.

One of the interesting fact about karupatti is that it has got 3 tastes in it. And Coconut is another food which also has 3 tastes in it. Coconut water has all 6 tastes in it.

So if we eat Amla and drink coconut water , we get all the 6 tastes.

POINT NUMBER 3: Eat whatever you like that is lawful and pure. There is no fear or restriction that you should not eat fat, cholesterol etc etc. YOUR TONGUE IS YOUR DOCTOR.

Try to get all the 6 tastes in each and every meal. Some times when we cannot get all the tastes no problem but try to get them in some or other way.

POINT NUMBER 4: Start you food with a Sweet.

This is because sweet is lovable by your stomach and once its consumed the required digestive harmones are secreted in your stomach and after which the moment you start eating the food it gets digested. In Gulf countries people eat sweet at the last because people used to travel for long distance in the desert and the entire food as a whole will be digested when we eat sweet at the last. In Cold countries when there is a good news then they keep salt in their mouth and in hot countries they keep sweet in their mouth.

POINT NUMBER 5: Close your lips and eat your food. This is the best solution.


The food that is been put in the mouth should be chewed, crushed and mixed with saliva and then only should be swallowed. The moment the food is put in the mouth, the lips should not be opened as air may get mixed with the food. This food will be digested properly. You may feel pain in the jaw for one or two days and it will be alright after that.

India is called as the capital of Sugar and other in other western countries the trace is very small. If we can watch some english movies we can see that they never open the mouth like we indians while eating their bread. They consider odd when someone opens his mouth and chews his food.

When we open the mouth and chew it then Air, saliva and food gets mixed and is sent to the stomach and this food will not be digested properly. Air is an enemy to saliva and food. So the food that is crushed and mixed with our saliva alone will be digested properly by the stomach. This saliva has an enzyme called as Diamylene enzyme which is useful for digestion.

POINT NUMBER 6: Concentration should be on the food.

In order to understand this let me give an example, if I bring a sweet near you we see that the saliva gets secreted in our mouth. our concentration should be on the food while eating and we should not talk while eating.

For ex: A person dreams and in his dream he see a lion chasing him and he is running and suddenly someone wakes him up. we see that this person gets up and his heart beat is faster and he is sweating a bit though no lion really chased him. So what you think only those thoughts and harmones gets secreted in your body.

So when a person sees TV while eating then the harmones related to that TV Show will be secreted and not harmones responsible for digestion.

If a person is not able to concentrate on his food then he can close his eyes while putting the food in his mouth and after swallowing can open up his eyes.

POINT NUMBER 7: Do not drink water half an hour before the meals and drink water only after half an hour after the meals.

Our stomach secretes a superb Hydrochloric acid which is responsible for digestion. Every time we feel hungry this is secreted. what we do is drink lots of water before eating and dilute this acid in the stomach. This should be avoided. And after eating our meals wait for half an hour so that the digestion is effective and then drink water.

Drink water how much you require based on your thirst and there is no concept of drinking 3 litres per day etc etc etc. A person living in cold countries does not require any water to drink and a person living in a hot place like Chennai would require more water for his body. Its all about the requirement that we need for our body.

Very Important:

Do not drink water from the bubble top or any sealed mineral water bottle. This is because there is little or no natural minerals available in the Canned water. This water is called the sappa thanni, i.e without minerals. This water only we drink in our homes, offices etc and it costs Rs.25 now. The best source of water is the Well Water which has natural minerals or The corporation water we receive in the pumps can be drinken which has lots of natural minerals in it. If you feel that the water is not clean then we can use a Man Paanai(Sand Pot) which is a Automatic Filter. This can be used and disposed every 3 months. Also the natural minerals from the pot will be mixed with the water and can be consumed.

If suppose someone is drinking Bubble top water then obviously he will be spending money to get medicines where he will be getting the missing minerals. what I mean is there is a chance that he might be with some diseases due to lack of these minerals. The first time when we drink this natural water we would get sneezing and running nose, yes if you get it then it means that it is working for you. Your body has got certain minerals which is required to cure certain ailments. So if you get sneezing and running nose just sneeze it out of your nose as it is a waste that is coming out. Your body is helping you out and do not take medicines and send it back inside. Just sneeze it.

The minerals in the water will be different at different places, they will have a different composition of different minerals. So once we practice the art of drinking them nothing would harm us.

Secondly this water should not be boiled as boiling would kill certain minerals. every minerals, vitamins have certain temperature after which they lose their property. Hence the water should not be boiled.

In case when we feel spicy or thirsty or when we get vikkal, check to ensure that we drink little water till the food pipe without diluting the acid.

when we drink water, all the oxygen and other contents are taken by the kidney and put in the blood stream. The waste is then filtered and sent out by the kidney to the urinary bladder to be sent out in the form of urine.

POINT NUMBER 8: Sit down in the ground to eat your food.

Today we sit in the chair and many times we see that the blood needs to flow to the lower part of the body. When we sit down majority of the blood resides in the upper part of the body and in the stomach and this blood helps us in digestion.

Basically this chair was invented for some other medicinal treatment purpose but ultimately we considered it for using it with our computers and other every day works.

POINT NUMBER 9: If you take bath then you should not eat for 45 mins, And after eating you should take bath only after 2.5 hours.

Eat after 45 mins only after taking a bath. This is because there is something called Triple warmer in our body. The function of this Triple warmer in our body is to maintain 37 degrees C for all our cells. If you go to Himalaya which is 4 degrees and keep a thermometer in your body it will show 37 degrees and if you go to a desert where the temperature is 45 degrees and keep a thermometer there still it will show 37 degrees. Yes your triple warmer works for you. Similarily when we are sitting in the AC the triple warmer works for us.

Hence if you eat immediately after taking bath, this food would not be digested properly as the body does a more important job of regulating the body temperature and sends this food outside as junk.

POINT NUMBER 10: Eat only when you feel Hungry.

Do not eat by seeing the time to go for lunch, dinner etc. Eat only when you feel hungry.

Note: When you eat by following these methods and the primary thing to close you lips before eating. We can see that we get Yeappum (Blurping) while eating. This is True.

POINT NUMBER 11: Avoid using Aluminium vessels and Pressure cookers.

Aluminium utensils was first for the prisoners. Countries like india are rich source of the ore Bauxite in the preparation of Aluminium. This Aluminium is poisonous when used as a vessel for food. People who use Aluminium for more than 10 to 20 years, there is a chance to get many diseases like diabetics, Arthritis etc. Also the pressure cooker used is made of Aluminium and here in pressure cooking all the nutrients are lost.

It has been said by some rishi's in our country that the food that is cooked with out air and light is not a good food. we see that the pressure cooker is a one in which no air and light is used.

Hence avoid Aluminium and pressure cookers and use Man Paanai (Sand Vessel) which were being used in the older days. By using a sand vessel we also get the minerals and energy from the sand. Once the sand vessel gets old the constituents again go back to the sand. This is purely bio degradable.


In a small room of 10 * 10 , there is oxygen only for 1 person just for a few minutes. After some time this oxygen is converted to Carbon di-oxide. In the night we sleep closing all the doors, so no oxygen would be available after some time. We all use All Liquidators like All out, good knight etc etc. All of them pollutes the air and this air is being breathed throughout the night. The poison is being inhaled by ourselves. This is dangerous just to get rid of mosquitoes. The best option is to use Mosquito net in your bed.

We see that the function of the lungs is to take the oxygen from the air and send it to the blood stream. When there is no oxygen in the room and when the lungs is not in a position to supply oxygen to our body. This Lungs will ask help from the kidney. Then this kidney will supply oxygen to the lungs. The kidney will take water from the body and get oxygen from it to send it to the lungs. when this condition happens then there is a chance of getting stones in the kidney/urinary bladder. There are stones like Ca, Iron which get deposited. Usage of Allouts etc also leads to formation of stones. People who speak too much like marathan speakers, Teachers etc also have a chance of getting stones. Since when i am speaking continously then my lungs could not supply oxygen and hence my kidney does it and i drink more water because of it.

If we eat less/too much of salt also stone will be formed. If we drink less/too much of water also stones will be formed.


Hence we should always open up the windows for a good ventilation and use mosquito nets.


We should eat based on your work we carry out. Eat when you feel hungry, this is the key. And do not worry about calories etc as our body is the best doctor and it will take care of it.

If a person is working in an AC Room then more oxygen and glucose will be required by this person. In order to keep the temperature of all the cells at 37 degrees, the triple warmer in our body requires more oxygen and glucose to do it work. Primarily AC was invented for computers and electronic devices due to the heat emitted by them but unfortunately we started using for our homes and offices .


There is some thing called lymphatic system which is very important in our body. This will function only when a man does some or other work in his every day life. One has to lift his hand, walk and be active for this system to work. This is responsible for all our internal organs and other nerves to work efficiently.


Every day 8 hours sleep is not required. It varies from person to person based on his physical work. Sleeping creates an empty space in your blood stream. Taking Tea or Coffee will avoid sleeping. Tea has Tanine and Coffee has caffine. These substances would stop secreting the cerato which is inside the brain and delays the sleeping.

I Shall update few more details later in this blog or in a new blog. Gain knowledge and convey this to others as well. To implement the details learnt is what is required and it is also challenging and tough. This is True.

So our Food, Air and Water are essential for our good health.

Whatever information i have provided so far please cross verify.

Many Thanks!!!!

16 Points:

1. Eat only when your stomach is hungry, do not eat based on time.

2. Food should always be mixed with saliva and chewed well

3. Drink water after ½ an hour after having food. Drink water that is sufficient for you till your mind is happy.

4. Generally we need to drink water only when we are thirsty. Generally its good to drink the water that has a high pH value. pH of 1-7 is acidic and 7-14 is alkaline. The more the alkaline food a person takes; the more is his life span.
Normal water has a pH of 7 which is neutral
Water from Ganges river has a pH of 8
ZamZam water from Saudi arabia(Makkah) has a pH of 9
I belive rain water pH should be more than 7.2
milk, coconut milk etc. should have a pH of more than 8
Mineral water has a pH of 5
Alchochol has a pH of 2.8
Coca cola or any carbonated soft drinks or canned/bottled drinks will have a pH of 2.8 Avoid acidic foods as much as possible as it is acid in nature and not even microorganisms can sustain in these kind of foods.

5. Close your mouth and then only chew your food.

6. Do not boil water or use can/processed/mineral water. Always use natural water for drinking.If required use gentle warm water.

7. Air needs to be circulated properly in the home. We need to open the windows and use a exhaust fan for a good air circulation. All the Mosquito coils/liquidators are poisonous for us and could lead to great problems. We inhale the poison causing great problems. Always use a Mosquito net when there are mosquitoes.

8. We get energy by working. Lymphatic system sends medicine to all parts of the body.

Our Body - > Top is North and bottom is South

It is good to sleep keeping head in the south direction.

If you can cure the air related problems in home then the skin disease will become alright.

Eat lemon to solve all problems.


1. All cooked food is Acidic, all the natural raw foods(carrot, coconut etc.) are Alkaline.

2. First we will like Non veg - eat as you wish. Then you will switch over to Veg and further move towards fruits.

3. Cooked foods only need 6 tastes, all fruits do not 6 tastes as it is God's dish.

4. Never eat seedless grapes. If you eat seedless fruits then one day we will become seedless.

5. There is only a few percent of chemicals in Fruits, but medicines are 100 % Chemical.

6. Helper, Killer, Suppressor are three things which are in our body when a virus enters our body.

7. If any organ moves then it is called Hernia. When excess waste goes into large intestine then the size increases and causes problem.

Karuvapala, kothamalli, pudina, all keeras or natural vegetables are good.

Palm sugar is really a good food

The oil that you get in your country or mother land can be used in our food, But this oil should be manually prepared by us.

Blood is a great creation of God

BP Patient should take sufficient amount of Salt that is required for their tongue

Kavalaium - pasium edhirigal. Which means hunger and sadness are enemies. You will not feel hungry when you are sad. So do not eat until your sadness goes off. once you get hungry, then start eating

If you sweet taste then only stomach will work. i.e When you eat sugar then our stomach will function well.

Our tongue is the doctor and the taste is the medicine.

Avoid Aluminium vessels and pressure cookers, they are not good for health. we could not close these products but it could bring so much of job loss to society.

For Appendix - Use a natural way of squatting. Avoid western toilets and use indian type toilets. If you have pain in appendix then hold on for sometime and it will get alright. Follow a healthy living.

The White sugar is another big industry which has given so much of job oppurtunities and we could not close it. Actually this white sugar we see is a slow poison and it has chemicals in it.

Good to lick your hands after eating. All the digestive enzymes are being secreted in our fingers.

If you have Appendix - Then it means there is some internal disease in the large intestine; so the body is asking us to cure it, it is a sign.

All the consumer medical products are from the same company. Whatever they do is correct, and they are the money makers.

Difficult to cure the learned persons because whatever we have learnt is wrong. Fear is the first disease. More we study the more we have the disease.

Our disease gets cured during our sleep. The disease is only in our mind. Just follow the deep sleeping technique.

We get urine only when we go to the bathroom. Where is the switch then, its in the mind.

If you believe that only operation can cure this disease, then only with operation this disease would be cured.

There was ortho card, BP Card etc in which if we place the card in the knee for 45 mins cures the disease. It was because we think about this knee for 45 mins causing to cure it automatically

There is no disease in any organ, only problem in the blood and mind. Our hearts and mind are not pure and they are with some ailments.

Short sight and long sight is not related to eye, it is related to lack of nutrition in the blood. Eat carrot and take oil bath in the sun.

Kidney failure 50%->After dialysis change the frequency to 1 week, then 2 times per week and 3 times per week. And later they ask them to change the kidney. Remember if we change the 5 things then the kidney problem will be cured. For any kidney related problems; drink natural rain water. The rain water can be saved and collected in a dark cans and it should not be exposed to sunlight. If it is exposed to sunlight then small germs would come and it can't be consumed.

The skin in the hand, nails, hair all of them are new. In 36 hours the intestine is renewed. RBC 120 days, WBC 13 days and all cells have a recycling time period

Menopause example in which if we don't use a organ it stops. It is all about mind.

a. Any nutrient in blood gets spoiled

b. Any nutrient is not available in the blood

c. If Mind is corrupted then it creates disease in the body

d. If the knowledge of the blood goes wrong, it causes blood cancer

If snake bite in the leg, it spreads to all parts of the body

All records of the disease are available in all parts of the cells

All diseases have the same kind of treatment.

Human psychology we believe only in bad and not in good

In 5 years of MBBS study, these people think they are doing good but on their syllabus it has been written such a way that the medicinal companies are getting benefitted


Our body is made up of so much crores of cells

BP …

Sugar and BP cannot be normal. Our body will take care.

BP ex. When a Dog is chasing then our BP can't be normal, it will be high. Once we sit down then the BP comes to normal and it may or may not go low. There is no thumb rule for the BP to be normal. BP to be normal was introduced in hospitals during operations during accidents.

The medicinal dose for BP increases.

It's good to follow the 5 techniques and then progressively reduce the medicines rather than completely stopping it

BP was introduced in hospital operations. When a cut is made, so much of cells die and the BP and sugar get high. So before operation we should keep the BP normal by giving medicines.

BP and sugar are created diseases just for business, so if you are taking medicines, you can stop them slowly and you can still see that you are healthy and do not worry about them and believe that your BP/sugar problem is cured.

BP and sugar are the symptoms/alarm to indicate any disease for us

Low BP means heart cells have problem and high BP means other cells have problem

Kidney - water supply department send good water and also remove urine from blood and send it to urinary bladder

If no sugar and oxygen is available then we become unconscious

The output of our cells is C02 and Urea. So our blood contains both good and bad constituents

Heart does not purify the blood, it is like a motor pump. Our heart is a biological pump.

Only Lungs, Liver, Kidney, urinarybladder only purifies the blood

Blood is created in the bone marrows

BP, Sugar, Oxygen, Related nutrients are required to cure any ailment/disease

There is nothing called normal BP and sugar for any person...some repeats.

Whenever we have BP or sugar it means we are going to have some or other disease. It is a symptom.

All sugar that comes via urine is a useless sugar and we do not have to test it

If the Glycogen in the body is null then we faint

Appendix manages the equilibrium of the body, this should not be removed. It absorbs germs and bacteria from the Large intestine. It is a siren, it indicates that we should clean your large intestine. But if we remove appendix we easily get cancer, aids or hernia. It is said that people whose appendix removed could not climb steps in a balanced way.

The insulin of Pig alone matches the insulin of Human. So All the Insulin injections could be made up of pig.

Calf muscle is second heart which will pump blood from leg to top. See it should be strong.

52. Calcium ->Pro vitamin D->125 DCC Harmone. When we stand in sunlight. Because calcium needs to be absorbed in the body. So they take sun bath in order to get calcium for their body.

53. All diseases are only in the blood and not in the organ

54. Coconut - What a Food. But use it with out Heating it.

55. We should eat Fat related foods, it is in everything and good for skin

56. We should not heat Coconut.

57. Coconut milk is a very good medicine for Ulcer.

58. Vanaspathi, Refined oil are very dangerous they remove the Fat and sell it

59. Original Ellu ennai(Sesame oil) is the best which has more Fat and calcium

60. Blood is created from blood. Blood is created in Bone marrows.

61. If blood is low in the body then Mind gets corrupted

62. If we get disease we get the corresponding characteristics

a. Stomach->Worry

b. Liver->Anger

c. Kidney->Fear

63. If kidney is weak then it waits for the chance for crying so that water comes out of eye

64. Based on the disease we get, the mind gets changed accordingly

65. Lastly if the Knowledge of the blood is corrupted then we the person gets cancer and aids

66. All of them are interrelated and they all get the disease

67. Helper, Killer, suppressor and Memory are the things which come into picture when a virus enters a human body

68. Aids disease means i.e. Knowledge of the blood is corrupted.

For RA(Just follow 5 things)

For Skin diseases(Just follow 5 things)

For Fix(It means there is a problem to one of the nerves)- (Just follow 5 things)

If we give too much of work to the heart then the nerves would be spiral

For All diseases these 5 things are the reason and should be rectified.

Bone Marrows ->Blood is just not ordinary thing. Pure blood supplied would solve the problem

This one sentence "Pure Blood" to which cell it goes cures that disease in that cell

Blood Ratham kedukama irundaal pothum, Automatic by nature the blood will be pure
In order to understand that blood is the reason for all disease:

For Ex. For Leg pain they put Injection in the hand and not in the Leg. To ultimately prove that blood is the problem for all the disease in this world.

Further after accident ->They put Glucose and all cells are alive. Blood is the key

Further they take blood test to check the different contents in the blood to identify the disease name

Taste Therapy

97. Taste is energy

98. Food, Sleep, Air, Water, Working and Taste

99. Immediate energy with taste

Salt -if we eat then our kidney will work. So there is cleaning process. Uppu illa pandam kuppai thaan. During cleaning process the BP will increase.

Better use Kallu uppu(Crystal Salt) and avoid all others like Rock salt or powdered salts.

Our tongue is the doctor for salt.

Sweet ->Man current i.e earth power, spleen ->lips ->kavalai->Stomach

If we have fear then there will be problem in ears, kidney

If there is kavalai(sorrow) then we will not feel hungry

If we keep on eating then we will have kavalai(sorrow)

Sweet will digest in the mouth and sugar will digest in the stomach

Aaalu, idly, dosa, pongal have more sugar in it

If we eat sweet only then diabetics will be cured. Only eating sweet can help the stomach to work or the food will be sent as waste.

Vellam and pana karupatti.i.e natural sweet palm sugars are great things

Then why did God create fruits which are fully sweet?

Worrries are temporary and Sorrow is permanent Ex: Diseased - Died

Asthma ,wheezing people will like Spice foods like pepper

Kasappu, thuvarpu sapta ->We get Fire energy ->Heart and pericardium

Air and Skin have relationships.

Asthma wheezing people should eat Rasam, melagu etc. more i.e. Spicy related foods.

Triple warmer is a system in which the body in the temp is maintained. We have 3 different types of air in our body. Pranan, Abanan and sabanan are the 3 parts of our body

If we get so much of happiness then it will take away all our Fire energy and we shall die if we have so much of happiness

Who eats kasappu thuvaruppu we get the dil so much

Siriya nana and periya nanga do not feel any kasappu when snake is bitten

Karuvapala, neem, neem seeds etc do not feel kasappu when snake is bitten

Kal uppu is the best. If we heat and use then its good. Varikki payan paduthanum

Puliya sutti payan padhuthanum

Do not use any addiction substances

Eat one sweet and see if u like another, if u don't like it then do not eat it.

Uppu, Puli, Kaaram ->we do not have inippu, kasappu thuvaruppu and so it does not get digested easily

So Arusuvai unavu means then we will have good digestion.

Do not use white sugar but try using some other sweet kind of food

Use any green veg in your food

Vendayam ->podi panni use pannalaam

If you crush the food, mix it with saliva and eat well then 6 tastes are not required for that food

i.e. All foods have 6 tastes

Kasappu ->Give more immune power to the body

Unga udambula enda pancha bootham deficiency aaga irukudo athu enda ponnu kitta irukkudo ungalukku anda ponnai pudikkum

Pancha bootham in martam thaan all disease ku reason

Eat sweet first is the best thing

In cold places we should first eat salt

In hot places we should first eat Sweet

Happily if we follow all points then it will cure all diseases. Be casual and do not worry and be serious

This is the art of self healing or self treatment

Your thoughts project your body. There is a saying that the Face is the index of your mind and your thoughts create the index of your body. Based on your thoughts your body is created and it is tuned up to live in this universe.

Even blood also has empty space for it continuous running

Work à All actions and works help us to get heat energy

So the blood is made up of this 5 Pancha bootham.

Food- Eat as much you feel or think

but only one condition - Eat only if you feel hungry -POINT 1

Who found to eat 3 times a day? No we can eat as and when we feel hungry

If we feel hungry then we would feel heat in the body

Mix saliva with the food and then CLOSE the mouth and then only eat - POINT 2

There is no sugar in America, London etc because they close their mouth and eat

But they spend money on medicines related to psychiatry

It is like inducing things on them and making them mental

In London first they teach about table manners in school which is not taught in many places

The food after seeing; that secretes more saliva then that is bad food. Because that food has more poison. Ex: White sugar

There are different enzymes for different food being secreted

There are more than 1000 different enzymes

Best sweet is pana karupatti, naatu sarkarai, achu vellam, Edhu parthu jollu oorutho adhu ellaam danger thaan.

What we do should have the awareness and concentration on what we do

Thankful to God for giving the food. We should give respect to food

Food should be chewed completely before sending it inside

Ulcer - Not eating after feeling hungry

If you eat correctly then you will become lean, if you eat wrongly then you will become Fat.

Do not drink water during eating food, have only after ½ an hour after eating.

Oil can be digested but water will dilute the acid

If Vegas nerve is confused then we get hiccups, vikkal.

Something mixed with saliva is the best, all the chemicals etc. would be removed on mixing with the saliva and removed. If the tablet is mixed with saliva then it is of no use to us.

The thing we see every day would become right if we keep on see in the TV.

Do not see TV and eat the food. The food does not get digested.

We can eat anything all foods that are lawful and pure

Eating brinjal alone can solve skin related ailments. Bu we should eat brinjal properly so that the related nutrients of brinjal goes into our skin

There is nothing called diet in this world. Ex: eat 4 chappathi, so does the dietician knows the size of the chappathi


Its good to sit in the ground without putting our legs down

Chair is a surgical material designed for operations.

There is good digestion when we eat with out putting our legs down

use indian toilet

Do not sit in the north direction and eat >>not sure of this reason

When we get blurping(Yepam), it means it is good digestion.

do not boil water for drinking

In a boiled water put in a fish tank, the fish dies

use the fish tank motor inside a sand pot and drink water from that.

There is no rules and that is the rule

Drink water only when you are thirsty

Menses related problem are related to water

Air is a Gift of God Almighty

Air is the ultimate

We should ensure that we have good air in our home. We should clean the air filters in car, AC etc.

Do not close all the windows, do not use mosquito repellents

Natural cooling air is good for health

Sleeping pills are dangerous and could be used only for emergency

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